Victoria’s Best

World Class Products, World Class Partners

We have some of the world’s best producers right here in Victoria, just a stone’s throw from the MCG.

Karen and Alan at Bindarree Station, West Gippsland, raising some of the finest grass-fed cattle. Pouring passion into their craft, delivering a product that is greatness.

Rich and the team at Mount Zero Olives, working with Oasis Olives under 200km from the MCG, producing high quality olive oil, one of which, the Hallowed, is now exclusive to the MCG.

Malok and Loretta at AliFarms, working with Chris and the team at TastyOne, growing and processing market vegetables, of the highest quality, but also working with us at the MCG to utilise the ugly vegetables, ensuring waste is minimised as much as possible.

Meeting the producers behind the products is inspirational to Dylan to write meus, enjoyed by millions throughout the year. While showcasing these world class products and producers on the plate at the MCG, we see it as our responsibility to also provide a platform for these stories to be told. We are celebrating our unsung heroes, and why they are Victoria’s Best.

These stories are coming soon.

2024 Menu Collection

“The menu creation process begins with a focus on sourcing ingredients from ‘Victoria’, aiming for proximity to the source. Despite our stature as a prominent venue serving over 5 million guests annually, we don’t believe in sourcing suppliers solely to meet the entirety of our menu demand. In our philosophy, ‘Victoria’s Best’ might be found in a small, local supplier offering a distinctive product tailored for one dish, on one menu. This approach has led us to curate a diverse range of offerings, allowing us to feature numerous unique suppliers and highlight what truly defines them as ‘Victoria’s Best’.”

– Executive Chef, Dylan Sanding

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