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World Class Products

Mount Zero Olives began with an Olive grove in the early 90’s, and instead of planting more trees themselves, has now grown to work with some of the best growers in Victoria.  

Mount Zero and Oasis Olives have a shared passion for producing some of the highest quality olive oil you can buy. The biggest challenge in the olive industry is the climate. Flavour profiles change from year to year depending on the rainfall. This is why a strong partnership is essential, to be able to communicate these changes from year to year. While flavour profiles change, opting for a local oil can be the best option, because of its freshness. 

World Class Partners

MCG Hospitality have partnered with Mount Zero Olives and Oasis Olives to bring world class olive oils to the plate at the MCG.

Sustainability is front of mind for both Oasis Olives and Mount Zero Olives, one of many reasons a partnership with the MCG makes so much sense.  

Prunings are mulched back into the soil and when the olives are milled there is zero waste products. The product is then transported just 200km to Melbourne, to the Mount Zero warehouse, fully powered by solar. 

Mount Zero Olives

The Mount Zero story began in 1946, when farmer and entrepreneur, Jacob Friedman, recognized the Wimmera/Grampians region as prime olive-growing country and began planting some of the first commercial olive groves in Australia. Today Mount Zero draws on produce from the Wimmera and Grampians region, as well as select olive groves across Victoria. Commitment to flavour, sustainable farming and a passion for quality ingredients defines Mount Zero and all that we gather. 

In 1993, the Seymour family bought part of Jacob Friedman’s original plantation at the base of Mount Zero. Today, with 30 years’ experience in the growing, fermenting and milling olives and olive oil, Neil, Jane & Richard Seymour are now working with like-minded Victorian olive growers to produce some of Australia’s finest and most rewarded olives and olive oils. 

Richard Seymour – Managing Director, Mount Zero Olives

Scott Sanders – Farm Manager, Oasis Olives with Dylan Sanding

Oasis Olives

Oasis Olives have been working in olive oil for many years, learning and gradually growing.  They have increased the size of their original small farm in Kialla, and also planted olive trees on two further properties including the Western Wimmera. The growth has brought challenges, but they have been fortunate to have some of the best people working with them to keep their farms and mills running smoothly. They are continuing to plant more trees each year, and to upgrade their mills to cope with the extra volumes, so there is more history to be made.

Richard Seymour – Managing Director, Mount Zero Olives with Dylan Sanding and Scott Sanders

The Hallowed Blend

A signature blend for the MCG by Mount Zero Olives

Mount Zero Olives and The MCG have partnered to create ‘The Hallowed’ extra virgin olive oil blend. This Blend is exclusive to the MCG and is used as part of the ‘Signature Range’ a dining and event experience elevation.  

Let us suggest the best experience to elevate your next celebration at the ‘G.