Bindarree Station

World Class Products

Growing up as a city girl, it had been a long-time dream of Karen’s to live on and operate a farm, and this has driven the passion for beef farming for over 21 years.

“It’s a lifestyle we love, working the property and getting to know it, we like the idea of living on the land, working the cattle just being connected to nature more. All the grass and silage is grown on the property, we like being in charge of the process from start to finish.  We believe that providing a product the way nature intended is really important, as in life and society today, there so much plastic and artificial. Products are being tampered with and aren’t delivering the goodness that they should. It starts with looking after the soil and planting good grasses, legumes and herbs and feeding that to the cattle, at the end of the day you then have healthy soil, healthy plants and healthy cattle, and consequently health people that eat that.”

Karen and Alan McMullen

World Class Partners

MCG Hospitality have partnered with Flinders + Co. and Greenham to bring Bass Strait Beef to the plate at the MCG.

Creating the relationship with suppliers and wholesalers such as Flinders + Co. and Greenham allows oversight of the entire chain, ensuring the same quality product every time you sit down to eat at the MCG.

“We are driven to partner with small producers and suppliers that align with our philosophy at the MCG. These Victorian best suppliers are world class in their own right, and we want to showcase them on the biggest stage in Australia.” – Dylan Sanding

Allen McMullen – Beef Producer & Supplier of Bass Strait Beef in a paddock with cattle

Flinders + Co.

Flinders + Co. is a premium meat supplier, production and distribution company.

They’re also a Victorian family company with farming roots.

But they aren’t just butchers; they are chefs, growers, meat merchants, drivers, packers and business professionals, bridging the gap between farm to kitchen. Dedicated to supporting Australian chefs, restaurants and venues – for the love of meat.

James Madden - Managing Director Flinders + Co and Dylan Sanding talking about Bass Strait Beef

Dylan Sanding and Sean Kallady - Livestock Manager Greenham walking in paddock


Greenham have been a part of regional communities across southern Australia since 1933, producing the highest quality beef products for more than 25 premium international & domestic markets. They’re committed to responsible beef production and sourcing, employee wellbeing and supporting thriving communities. Over six generations of family involvement, Greenham has built an enviable reputation for our suite of iconic beef brands, underpinned by stringent on-farm programs and traceability systems.

Bass Strait Beef

Bass Strait Beef

The world’s best latitude for grass fed beef.

Bass Strait and its coastlines fall at the latitude where drenching rain, warming sun and salt-water winds combine to create climatic perfection for growing tender grass-fed beef.

The cattle are peacefully raised on natural rye grasses and clover without the need of antibiotics or hormone growth promotants.

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