Intrigue MAdTech Summit Melbourne 2023

Intrigue MAdTech Summit Melbourne 2023

For over 7 years, Intrigue is Intriguing marketers all across the globe. Marketers and advertisers attend this unique event to learn, ask questions as well as inspire. Marketers also attend this event to network and find solutions to their marketing problems. It is themed as the digital marketing buyers and suppliers rendezvous for a reason.

The event is designed to bring together some of the finest minds in marketing and advertising under 1 roof. All sessions are interactive in nature and debating is a common phenomenon at Intrigue.

The conference offered unique opportunities to network with peers and engage with top-tier brands. Attendees gained insights into consumer behavior and the importance of building strong, lasting relationships with customers.

Featured speakers included Heads of Marketing, Managing Directors and Founders from companies such as IBM, Bupa, BP, Suncorp, Pointsbet and MYOB.

MCG Events Director of Sales and Marketing, Troy Stasinowsky moderated a panel that discussed “How Marketing and Advertising changed post COVID”.

In this highlight reel, you’ll get a glimpse of the engaging keynote speeches, panel discussions, and debate sessions led by industry experts. From programmatic advertising to data analytics and artificial intelligence, attendees learned about the latest advancements in digital marketing.

“MCG recently hosted some of the finest mind in Marketing and Advertising as part of the Intrigue MAdTech Summit.”