We’re Evie, an entertainment talent agency. Let us help you create uniquely unforgettable, wildly enjoyable, impeccably produced entertainment experiences. The best damn night of your life.

So, let your hair hang down and enjoy the ride. Evie’s got you.

Here’s the thing about the best damn night of your life…it’s the feeling that remains long after you’ve forgotten the music you danced to, or the notes that were sung.
That’s the magic of entertainment. That’s Evie.

We provide bespoke entertainment solutions tailored to your event. Just tell us the date, time, place, theme, and budget and we’ll be there. Once we’ve nailed your brief, we go to work. Our experience, contacts, expertise, and reputation mean that you can let your hair down while we make the magic happen.

In other words, we do the grind so you can dance the night away.