Shirley Summakwan– Chef de Cuisine, Missymu by Shirley

My passion for food began with the generations before me – my mother and grandmother. Growing up in Jakarta, Indonesia, with an Indonesian/Chinese background, the family kitchen became the place I best connected with my loved ones. Family is the reason that I love to cook, I love food and I love to make people happy. It fills me such pride when I see people enjoying the food I serve and create. Missymu provides the opportunity to share the dishes and express the memories that I cherish with those that dine with us. Still today we create bonds with people over food and this is something I find extremely fulfilling.

The dish that takes me back to my earliest memory is my mother’s Hainanese Chicken. This was my childhood favourite, and my mum cooked it often, solely to make me smile. This dish continues to resonate, bringing back memories of our family holidays to Singapore. Every time I prepare this dish it takes me back. We have recreated this dish to be the signature at Missymu, and I am humbled to now share it with others.

The impact of food is more than taste, it encompasses memories and nostalgia. Dandan noodles, is a dish that I also have a strong connection to. It was my father’s favourite, holding strong links to his heritage. It was my grandfather’s favourite also, and while I never had the opportunity to meet him, it’s the love of food that still connects us.

Home is special for me, and I take the opportunity to reconnect with the culture and indulge in our traditional street food. It’s the distinctive flavours combining the best parts of Asian cooking, showcasing spice, sweetness, sourness, and saltiness. Missymu is a contemporary twist on the authentic and traditional flavours, a fusion of the authentic street food experience and refined dining.